Climate Conference – COP 26

Various Societies came together to organise a simulation of the climate conference held by the United Nations in November 2021.

The purpose was to give an insight to students about how international negotiations work in real life and to make them reflect on the current issues regarding climate change in different countries. The ideas generated in the event were also encouraged to be submitted to “Creating Our Future”, which would help inform future research policy in Ireland.

The submitted ideas were reviewed by an expert committee and used to formulate a report to the government in March 2022.

Collaboration: UCC Green Campus, Co-Operative Society, Engineers Without Border, Environmental Society, International Relations Society, International Development Society and the Law Society.

Graphic: Climate Conference information about the event and instructions on how to participate.

Graphic: Climate Conference poster invitations for students to participate in a negotiation exercise in October, ahead of the COP26 meeting in November 2021.


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GCDE theme: Sustainable Development, Politics and Geopolitics.