Culture Night – the child within

My inner child seems to be coming out for Culture Night 2023.  This little story shows just how you can explain critical global citizenship to anyone, including a 3 year old.

Lia and the Whispering Feather

Lia had a favorite pillow, and from it came a feather that seemed to dance and float on its own.

“Hello, Lia,” the feather whispered. “Want to see the world with me?”

Eyes wide, Lia nodded, and their adventure began.

First, they soared above a community where people were building colorful houses. “This is where helpers make sure everyone has a safe place to live,” said the feather.

They then floated over a big garden where children were planting seeds. “These gardens help feed the town,” the feather explained. “They grow fruits and veggies for everyone.”

Next, they saw a school, where kids were laughing and reading books. “Schools are where children learn and play,” whispered the feather. “Learning is a gift for all.”

They drifted over a workshop next. Adults and teens were crafting and mending things. “Here,” said the feather, “people learn jobs and make things for the community.”

Lia thought for a moment. “So, being a good global friend means helping, sharing, and making sure everyone has what they need?”

The feather gently replied, “Exactly, Lia. It’s about making choices that help everyone, near and far.”

As they floated back to Lia’s room, she felt a new understanding. She wasn’t just part of her home; she was part of a big, caring world. And with each new day, she could make choices to help and share, just like the communities she saw with the feather.


Gertrude Cotter