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UCC offers a number of university wide modules which are open to all (except for first years) UCC students. Two UW modules are relevant to this study. One is UW0012, which is offered by the Praxis Project under the CGD and the School of Education. The second is UW1201 ‘Global Sustainable Development: Interdisciplinary Perspectives’ offered by Dr. Rosarii Griffin: Office of the Vice President for Learning and Teaching.



Lecturer(s): Staff, Department of Registrar’s office, Dr Gertrude Cotter.

Module Objective: Introduce learners to the theory, themes, values and practice of Critical Global Citizenship and Development Education (GCDE); facilitate them to contextualise this learning within their disciplines and support them to develop cross-disciplinary collaboration and civic engagement skills, with a view to taking informed, collective action towards a just society.

Module Content: Students explore the theory and practice of GCDE using theoretically-informed, action-based learning. The module critically explores themes of global wealth/poverty, human rights, social justice, sustainable development, geopolitics, aid, financial justice, power, social movements, women, indigenous and refugee rights, local and global governance and intercultural communications. Students also develop skills and tools to empower them to take action for social change. These include critical thinking, critical media analysis, group building and facilitation skills, planning and evaluation tools, campaigning tools, approaches to informed advocacy and policy change and where possible workshops in creative methodologies such as the arts, radio, multimedia storytelling, digital tools for communication, collaboration and creativity.

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Dr Rosarii Griffin: Office of the Vice President for Learning and Teaching, and
Dr Claire Dorrity, Applied Social Studies.

Lecturer(s): Lecturers from across a wide range of UCC disciplines.

Module Objective: To facilitate the development of critical thinking on (1) Theories around Human and Global Sustainable Development (2) Education as a humanitarian response in developing contexts; (3) Global public health and well-being; and (4) Interdisciplinary perspectives on human security, global human rights; business, economy, society and global sustainable development as a foundation for global citizenship.

Module Content: This module explores issues relating to the UN Sustainable Development Goals. These include education for global development, gender equality and diversity, environmental concerns, human security, poverty and food security, human rights, education and global development, and global health issues including child and maternal health. The module invites participants to critically reflect on these issues with an emphasis on sustainable development goals, autonomy, and empowerment.

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