Undergraduate Modules

Lecturer: Dr Barbara Doyle Prestwich
Position: Principal investigator, lecturer and currently acting head of Plant Science.
Department: School of Biological Earth and Environmental Sciences (BEES) UCC.


Mapping exercise from Barbara with respect to some UG modules:


1. BL1002: Cells, Biomolecules, Genetics and Evolution

And whilst the SDGS are not mentioned specifically, the module objective is to describe cell structure and biomolecules; to give a detailed introduction to genetics and the theory of evolution; to explain the role of biotechnology in the improvement of plants for global food security and acquire laboratory skills.


2. PS4006: Genetic Manipulation of Plants

This is a 4th year module, and the module content includes Sustainable development goals and food security. Plant breeding systems and novel approaches to plant improvement. Chemical and physical mutagenesis. Use of tissue culture systems in plant breeding. Genetic engineering – status of the industry globally. Technology for assessing transgenics. Transformation of monocot and dicot plants (chloroplast and nuclear). Case studies on transgenic plants – virus, herbicide and insect resistance. Genome editing. Field trialling of genetically modified crops and future prospects for the widespread use of genetically modified crops in agriculture. Crop safety and regulation.


3. PS6001 is a postgraduate module: Plant Genetic Engineering

And again, the module content includes sustainable development goals and global food security. Transformation technology and the role of tissue culture. Chemical and physical mutagenesis. Nuclear versus chloroplast engineering. Commercial traits to include insect and herbicide resistance. Broadening the traditional remit of crops – edible vaccine production in plants. Genome editing techniques. The controlled release of GM crops from containment. How safe is safe enough in genetic engineering? IPR and patent protection. EU legislation governing the release of GM plants.



Praxis plan

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Dr Barbara Doyle Prestwich

Dr Barbara Doyle Prestwich is principal investigator, lecturer and currently acting head of Plant Science based in the School of Biological Earth and Environmental Sciences UCC. Her research interests include plant biotechnology and sustainable crop improvement. She has worked with resource poor farmers in the high Andes in Latin America looking at sustainable potato-based farming systems. Her research is supported by national, international, government and private sector funding. She is a member of the steering committee of the centre for global development in the university and is interested in global development. She is a Senator of the National University of Ireland.


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