Lecturer: Kevin Power
Department: Philosophy.


Case study

While conversations around sustainable practices often pose technical or economic solutions to current dilemmas, little attention is paid to the role of perception and worldview in influencing behaviour. In this talk I illustrate some intersections of philosophy, ecology and spirituality to highlight how human beings have historically behaved as though they are separate from their environments (and each other). I demonstrate how a move toward a perspective of interdependence can alter our perception of the world and, in turn, alter our consumption patterns, behaviours, and ways of relating to each other.



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Kevin J. Power received his PhD from University College Cork for his thesis ‘Zazen, Philosophy of Mind and the Practicality of Realising Impermanence’. He has lectured in Philosophy of Mind, Environmental Ethics and is currently delivering a new course for ACE based on his own research entitled ‘The Philosophy of Interdependence’. Kevin is also researching and teaching about the Kerry philosopher John Moriarty and is a member of the John Moriarty Institute for Ecology and Spirituality, Dingle.


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