University Wide Liaison

Staff Member: Ms Ruth O’Mahony.
Department: Accommodation & Community Life office.


Ruth’s Praxis Plan is to support the work of Praxis by investigating the ways in which non-academic centres, offices, individuals or departments, might wish to undertake some work with a global social justice/solidarity focus. Ruth will develop a short educational flier explaining what GCDE is and how Praxis is striving to deepen a culture of global justice and solidarity work within the university. She will make contact with a range of UCC sections in Autumn 2021. Examples include the UCC library service, staff clubs and societies, administrative, maintenance, security and technical staff who are not necessarily working directly under an academic discipline. She will invite them to participate in the Praxis digital badge and research project and she will discuss with them, on an individual basis, some possibly project/work ideas which may be of interest to them as part of this work.



Praxis plan

O’Mahony, Ruth_case-study-Praxis-Plan (PDF opens in a new tab/window)



Ms Ruth O’Mahony

Ms Ruth O’Mahony is an Executive Assistant in the Accommodation & Community Life office in UCC. She has a BSc in International Development & Food Policy and has an MSc researching refugee protection and specifically the challenges facing deportees. Prior to her position in UCC, she was a refugee caseworker with the Irish Red Cross supporting resettled Syrian and Iraqi refugees in Ireland. Ruth also worked in organisations in Uganda supporting human rights defenders, urban refugees and deportees. She has an interest in migration issues, global citizenship, refugee rights and deportation.


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