Development and Global Citizenship has ‘actionl as a core attribute.  In the Freirean tradition, there Praxis / transformation comes through a combination of reflection, dialogue and action.  We will not get far if we ‘act’ to change the world but put no thought into our actions.  Likewise we will not get very far if we keep thinking, talking and researching, but take no action.  Actions taken by students through the UW0012 course can be found on this website here:

Case studies of their work, presented  by UCC staff for their digital badge in GCDE, are showcased here:

Examples of other initiatives in UCC which are of relevance to the work of the Praxis project are here. Please note that this section is under construction and we will develop it over time:

This section of the website is also under construction and it sets out some further actions which the Praxis Project is currently working on, along with other UCC staff and students.  We are starting this section of the website in September 2022.  We welcome all staff and students and the wider community to join with us on any of these areas of work.  We begin with information and resources about two new projects:

  1. Anti-racism approaches to pedagogy.
  2. Focus on Famine