Book Club

Staff Member: Ms Martha Phelan, Senior Executive Assistant.
Department: Research Support Services, Office of the Vice President for Research and Innovation. This work is being done on a voluntary basis as extracurricular activities at UCC.


Plan for Integration of GCDE

The Book Club brings staff together ‘virtually’-through Teams on a monthly basis and maintains connectedness between the university and staff and reduces feelings of isolation and separateness. The Book Club meets twice a week on the last week of each month.


Discuss two books with a focus on GCDE matters and discuss at the UCC Book Club during the academic year 2021-22.



Praxis plan

Phelan, Martha_case-study-Praxis-Plan_Admin-staff (PDF opens in a new tab/window)



Ms Martha Phelan

A graduate of University College Cork, Martha Phelan works as a Senior Executive Assistant with the Research Support Services Group at the Office of the Vice President Research and Innovation at UCC. Her academic experience is both multidisciplinary and interdisciplinary; she holds a PG. Dip. in Enterprise Development for Managers of Enterprise, Innovation, and Incubation Centres (WIT), a B.Sc. in Environmental Studies (UCC), and B.A. in Economics and French (UCC). She is currently studying (part-time) a Master in Education programme at the Trinity College Dublin. Her research interests are higher education for sustainable development & sustainability-oriented thinking and action, and methodologies for transdisciplinary research. Martha aims to introduce Global Citizenship and Development Education (GCDE) praxis into extracurricular activities at her workplace, for example, UCC Bus Stop Chats – a virtual cross faculty forum to discuss topics of interest for both academic and non-academic staff members; UCC Book Club – a virtual reading group organised through the staff sports and social club. In addition, Martha aims to embrace GCDE praxis into the home farm environment through the planting of c.10 acres of native woodland, an environmental scheme organised through Teagasc, Ireland’s Agriculture and Food Development Authority.


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