Global Citizenship and Development Education

We acknowledge that terminology in the field of GCDE can be confusing.  Different terms are used, often interchangeably.  They include: ‘development education’, ‘global education’, ‘global citizenship education’, ‘global education’ and ‘education for sustainable development’.  This can be confusing for learners and educators.  Traditionally the term Development Education has been used in Ireland although the term Global Citizenship Education is now also widely in use.  GCDE is practised by a range of actors, including Development NGOs, community and voluntary organisations, educational institutions and networks, trade unions, educators, researchers, and activists, and takes place in formal, non-formal and informal settings, engaging hundreds of thousands of people across all ages and communities throughout the island of Ireland each year.

The Praxis Project uses the term ‘Global Citizenship and Development Education’ (GCDE).

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