Community Radio

Staff member: Dr Rosarii Griffin, Office of the Vice President for Learning and Teaching


Engaging with Local Community Radio during COVID-19: Targeting Goal no. 3 of the UCC Strategic Plan 2017-2022, Action 16, Target 1 (linking in with local, civic and community engagement projects).

Dr Rosarii Griffin is a volunteer Presenter and Producer at her local radio station ( During COVID-19 lock-down, with so many elderly people cocooning in rural communities, she requested UCC staff to volunteer to be interviewed about their UCC research, publications or indeed, their work in the voluntary sector of Irish society and NGOs operating either locally or globally. Dr Griffin got an enormous response from her UCC colleagues and has since interviewed at least 12 colleagues about their work.

These interviews were already aired on CRY104fm and are currently being turned into podcasts for a wider online audience. Interviews ranged from Dr Theresa Reidy (Dept of Government and Politics) who spoke knowledgeably about the Seanad and Government Formation; Dr Sabina Kriebel (Dept of History of Art) who spoke eloquently about her book ‘Revolutionary Beauty’ on the life of John Heartfield, artist, on his anti-Nazi war efforts with his photomontages; Dr Ned Dwyer, on his NGO work pertaining to Migrants in Portugal; Dr Helen Kelly, Dept of Speech and Language Therapy (SALT), on their Aphasia Café for those with Aphasia; Dr Domhall Fleming (School of Education) on the importance of the student voice in education, etc. This is just an example of the interviews undertaken. Podcasts will be made available to the wider public once the technical assistance at the radio studios increase (which is currently understaffed due to government health and safety COVID-19 restrictions in place). Link to these will follow.


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