Digital Humanities

Lecturer: Dr Orla Murphy
Department: School of English and Digital Humanities.

Module: DH2006 Curation and Dissemination in the Digital Age.


Integration of GCDE

The module already includes many aspects of GCDE, particularly, themes, theory, skills, and values, digital injustice and instances of digital activism and advocacy.
Where the module could be improved is in terms of global activity – Global Outlook Digital Humanities (GoDH) project best practice could be integrated. Intl. exemplars of digital activism (eg) in mapping location of migrant children’s movement (anonymised).

Use of inclusive co design, group work, listening and reflection are key elements of the Open Inquiry (Brew, 2015) approach.
Inclusion of themes: Social justice, Digital and Platform rights, Free Speech, Equality, Advocacy, Activism

Framing/Positioning: Ethics, inclusion, access. The focus is on histories, infrastructures, and global politics of Open Access. In a series of chapters, it explores: colonial influences; epistemologies; publics and politics; archives and preservation; infrastructures and platforms; and global communities.



Praxis plan

Murphy, Orla_case-study-Praxis-Plan (PDF opens in a new tab/window)



Dr Orla Murphy PhD, MPhil, Dip Acc and IS, Dip Medieval Studies, PG Cert TLHE

Dr Orla Murphy is head of the Department of Digital Humanities, School of English and Digital Humanities, University College Cork, Ireland.

Her research explores the integration of emerging digital technologies (with)in the humanities in scholarship and in pedagogy, specialising in the concept of knowledge representation, specifically ‘textuality’ and the impact of text technologies on the world with a particular focus on the Digital Humanities.

EU Roles:
National Coordinator of DARIAH-IE; the Digital Research Infrastructure for the Arts and Humanities.
Irish National Representative on the Scientific Committee of CoST-EU; Co-operation in Science and Technology.
Irish National Representative on the SCI SWG Social and Cultural Innovation Special Working Group of ESFRI the European Strategy Forum on Research Infrastructures.

National Roles:
Board Member DRI the Digital Repository of Ireland
Co-Chair ACERR The Arts and Culture in Education Research Repository in Ireland

University Roles:
Co-Chair- Digital Education Advisory Group, University College Cork.
Deputy chair – Learning and Teaching Committee, University College Cork.

Fulbright Tech Impact Award
NFTLHENational Teaching Expert Award
College of Arts Research funding awards
UCC Strategic fund for excellence in research awards


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