Students’ interests, activities, and awards

UCC offers multiple opportunities for students to participate in activities and events involving global citizenship on campus:


Cultural societies

Cultural societies like the Japanese Society, Indian Society, Korean Society, Chinese Society, and African Society, organise intercultural exchange activities, including: Spicy Noodle Challenge, Bollywood Nights, Language Exchange, Sushi Cook-along, Culture Nights, Debates, Movie Nights and many more events that contribute in the development of a strong and inclusive community.


Personal interest societies and clubs

There are multiple societies with special interest: Suicide Awareness Mental Health (SAMH) Society, LGTBQ Society, Harry Potter Society, People Before Profit, Hope Foundation Society, Yoga Society.

There are also activity-based clubs: Dance Club, Sports Clubs like Rowing Club, Badminton Club etc.

Groups of common interests and activities bring students together, providing opportunities to mingle with their peers in a cordial environment regardless of their background, nationality, language and or other aspects that would otherwise keep them apart. They help broaden peoples’ minds, which is the essence of global citizenship.


UCC Employ Agility Award

The “UCC Employ Agility Award” has a special category called the “Global Citizenship Award”, which shows that UCC promotes global citizenship and wants its’ students to embrace it. It is one of the three higher awards provided, along with the star award and leadership award.

Their definition states:

Graphic with text: This award was designed to recognise students who stand out in their awareness of their place in the wider world. A global citizen recognises the part they have to play in the ever-growing world community and seeks to add to this community through their actions. This includes sharing values and practices which contribute to equality, fairness, and sustainability.


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