Culture Night Cork 2023

My attempt at poetry!

Symphony of Voices

In the heart of Cork city on Culture Night’s glow, Diverse rhythms and stories begin to flow.
A mosaic of melodies, traditions entwined, A dance of histories, so beautifully designed.

But beyond these streets, in chambers of power, Do these myriad voices truly flower?
In the global arena where decisions are cast, Are all of our stories considered and asked?

Indigenous wisdom, tales of the land, Juxtaposed with modernity’s demanding hand.
In the clash of ideals, in the throes of debate, Do all cultures find a voice, before it’s too late?

For politics isn’t just the craft of the few, It’s the chorus of many, the voices that grew From ancient tales to modern day cries, From the depths of the earth to the vast, open skies.

Imagine a world, where every voice rings, In decisions and policies, in all worldly things.
A symphony of narratives, diverse and profound, Where every culture’s song is equally renowned.

As we celebrate tonight, let’s dream once more, Of a global stage, with stories galore. For in the dance of cultures, in the blend of all songs, Lies the harmony we’ve sought for so long.