Course: UW0012 – for UCC students

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University Wide Module UW0012 Global Citizenship and Development Education (GCDE).   Five credit module.

Starting Wednesday 18th January 2023  at UCC at 4-6PM 

Open to ALL UCC students except First Years (UCC Policy does not provide for first years to attend a UW course).

The Praxis Project runs a university wide 12 week course in Semester 2 each year.  This is open for free to all current students and staff at UCC.   The course is also open to the general public with a fee of €150.  This fee may be reduced for people who are unemployed or who have special needs.  To enquire about the fee waiver please contact Ms. Jacqui Churcher at the the Centre for Continuing Professional Development (CPD), UCC:   or  Proof of unemployment status is required.

Information Session – 23rd November  2022 at 4PM

Due to an overwhelming interest in this course we will have an information session about the course on 23rd  November 2022 to answer all your questions and decide if this course is for you.  The information session will be online at 4PM.  Registration will begin on 24th November (see below).

Topic: UW0012 Information Session
Time: Nov 23rd, 2022 at 4 PM

Join Zoom Meeting

Passcode: Praxis

Meeting ID: 822 7120 0215

How to Register for UW0012 – 2023

Registration will begin on 24th November and close on 10th December 2022.

UCC Students 

You can register at this link from 24th November to 10th December:

All participants will be registered on a first come, first served basis.  Early registration is recommended because the course fills up fast.  For those who are not successful in securing a place you will be kept on a waiting list and will be offered a place before the course begins, should anyone cancel their registration.

Below you will find the following information:

Module Content


Course accreditation status

Module Content

Students explore the theory and practice of DGCE using theoretically-informed, action-based learning. The module critically explores themes of global wealth/poverty, human rights, social justice, sustainable development, geopolitics, aid, financial justice, power, social movements, women, indigenous and refugee rights, local and global governnance and intercultural communications. Students also develop skills and tools to empower them to take action for social change. These include critical thinking, critical media analysis, group building and facilitation skills, planning and evaluation tools, campaigning tools, approaches to informed advocacy and policy change, creative arts, radio, multimedia storytelling, digital tools for communication, collaboration and creativity.

More detailed information about this course can be found on the UCC Book of Modules:

An indicative course outline for the January 2022 course can be found at the bottom of this webpage.  Note that the workshop themes and approaches change each year.

Information on last year’s students’ projects can be found here:

Practical Details relating to January 2023 Course

Starting date for next course:  the next course begins on Wednesday 18th January 2023 at 4-6 PM.

Venue: The O’Rahilly Building, UCC Room 123

Map of UCC Campus:

You cannot audit this course.  The assessment details are as follows:

Assessment: Total Marks 100: Continuous Assessment 100 marks (to include 5 x 500 word e-portfolios (20 marks each). There will be a number of deadlines throughout the semester for the varying assessment pieces of the e-portfolio to be completed).

Participation:  please note that you cannot ‘drop in’. to a lecture here and there and should this be your expectation you should consider offering a place to someone on the waiting list.  While normal difficulties are understandable (e.g. illness, unexpected emergencies etc), you should be aware that participation is important and that the commitment to our Praxis group is important.  Like any quality course at UCC, this is not a ‘packaged’ course but one which offers authentic, meaningful learning.  Should you wish to attend a quick course with an overview of global issues there are many free online options which you could explore.


Please note that this is not a lecture orientated course, although there will be some lectures.  It is experiential and participatory.  You cannot ‘drop in’. to a lecture here and there and should this be your expectation you should consider offering a place to someone on the waiting list.  We work with NGO and other partners and this requires considerable preparation in advance of the course.  It involves several preparatory meetings between UCC staff and outside partners.   With our partners we run workshops and students participate in group projects.  Students’ work is showcased on the Praxis website.

Course Accreditation Status

For UCC students taking the UW0012 route, the course has a 5 credit weighting. The module will appear on students’ final academic transcripts as a ‘extra’ module.  It is a ‘stand-alone’ course and not part of your degree.  We are happy too to provide you with a certificate of participation should you require one.