Refugee Week

UCC was granted University of Sanctuary status in early 2018. Since then, every year, Refugee week is celebrated with an array of workshops and events including community market, documentary screening, panel discussions, community walk/run and many more. The highlight of the refugee week is the annual Refugee Conference. This year’s conference theme was “Identity and Belonging In Ireland Today”.

Notable speakers were the following:

  1. Deborah Oniah, Contributing writer to “The correspondence” and “Cork Word”.
  2. Valerie Linehan, Operations Manager, Translate Ireland.
  3. Eileen Hogan, Lecturer at the School of Applied Social Sciences, UCC.
  4. Amanda Adé, Creative Director at Black and Irish.
  5. Pearl Natasha, Zimbabwean-Irish Singer, Writer and Public Speaker.
  6. Izzeddeen Alkarajeh, CEO of Izz Cafe, Co. Cork.
  7. Dr Naomi Masheti, Programme Co-Ordinator, Cork Migrant Centre.
  8. John Lannon, CEO of Doras.

Collaboration: Enactus Society, International Development Society, Scribble Society, Co-operative Society.

Graphic: Panel of posters announcing events during Refugee Week in February 2022.


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GCDE theme: Population and migration, Politics and geopolitics.