Course: UW0012

University Wide Module UW0012 Global Citizenship and Development Education

The Praxis Project runs a university wide module which is open for free to all students and staff at UCC.  It is also open to the general public with a fee of €100.   This fee may be reduced for people who are unemployed or who have special needs.  To enquire about fee waiver contact the lecturer for this course

To register for the course contact:

The course code in the UCC Book of Modules is UW0012 and the full title is  UW0012 Development and Global Citizenship Education.  More detailed information can be found here:

Module Content: Students explore the theory and practice of DGCE using theoretically-informed, action-based learning. The module critically explores themes of global wealth/poverty, human rights, social justice, sustainable development, geopolitics, aid, financial justice, power, social movements, women, indigenous and refugee rights, local and global governnance and intercultural communications. Students also develop skills and tools to empower them to take action for social change. These include critical thinking, critical media analysis, group building and facilitation skills, planning and evaluation tools, campaigning tools, approaches to informed advocacy and policy change, creative arts, radio, multimedia storytelling, digital tools for communication, collaboration and creativity.

The course has a credit weighting of 5 credits.