Launch of Part 1 of Praxis Research Study

The Launch of Part 1 of the Research Study “Creating a Community of Praxis at UCC” took place at the Council Room UCC ON 4TH APRIL 2022 AT 4.30-6.30 PM

This study is based on the early work of the Praxis Project, University College Cork (UCC) which was established in September 2018 with funding from Irish Aid, the Irish State International Development Agency.  Located at the Centre for Global Development (CGC) in UCC, the Praxis Project aims to integrate ‘Global Citizenship and Development Education’ (GCDE) into pedagogy, research and capacity building activities across UCC.  GCDE asks educators to empower learners to “analyse, reflect on and challenge at a local and global level, the root causes and consequences of global hunger, poverty, injustice, inequality and climate change; presenting multiple perspectives on global justice issues” (Irish Aid, 2017: 6).  It encourages reflecting and acting to transform the world and considers educational theory and practice.  It seeks to promote experiential learning and participative methodologies (Daly, Regan and Regan: 2015: 1).  The Praxis Project works with both students and staff, but this research project relates specifically to staff.  It asks, “how can we integrate the theory and practice of GCDE into the work of UCC across all disciplines and across the work of the university as a whole and what are we learning as we do so”?  This academic report is part one of what will be a three-year report based on the work of the Praxis Project with UCC staff from 2020 to 2023.  This first study began in October 2020 and relates to the academic year 2020-2021 at UCC.  Twenty UCC staff participated on a voluntary basis in this, the first year of the study.

Senator Alice Mary Higgins
Professor Stephen Byrne, Deputy President and Registrar, UCC
Representatives of the twenty UCC staff who gave generously of their time to this study:-
Dr Amin Sharifi Isaloo, Ms. Martha Phelan, Dr. Margaret Murphy, Dr Orla Murphy, Dr Sanaa Khabbar
Dr Rosarii Griffin, Centre for Global Development
Research findings presented by Dr Gertrude Cotter
Irish Aid Representative – on video – UCC is very grateful to Irish Aid who fund the Praxis Project

Poetry by Dr. Nita Mishra

Reception and Live Music Performance, With the kind support of the School of Music UCC