Praxis Pilot mini Summer School 2022

Dates: 8th to 12th August 2022

Time:  2-4 Monday to Friday

Venue: Active Learning Room, Student Hub

Overview of the Week

Workshop 1:

  1. Getting to know one another. Us as individuals and as a group.
  2. Introduction to Development Education.
  3. Some global challenges.

Workshop 2:

  1. Global Citizenship.
  2. Framing GCDE.

Workshop 3:

  1. Active citizenship.
  2. Guest speaker Mr. Ade Adekeye on the theme of taking a justice and human rights approach to societal challenges, both local and global.

Workshop 4:

  1. GCDE components.
  2. Case studies with guest speaker from staff member Ms. Martha Phelan discussing her case study.

Workshop 5:

  1. Discussion / informal presentation of participants plans
  2. Interdisciplinary approaches and partnerships
  3. Next steps