Evaluating and Assessing

Evaluation tools can help students to think about the impact of their work.  They can be encouraged to think about the outcome they wish to see from the outset.  They can ask the question “What change do we want to see?” and set criteria against which they can evaluate how they have contributed to achieving the impact they wish to see.  Students can work through each of the available options, rating them against the criteria.

Saolta have developed a useful resource called the Development Education Evaluation Toolkit.  The Toolkit aims to provide users with a selection of adaptable tools that fit with the diverse audiences, purposes, initiatives and approaches within the Development Education sector.   Section 2 is particularly relevant for students wishing to evaluate their work since it contains tools that can be used to evaluate a range of activities, including workshops, public events, short courses and accredited courses.

The toolkit can be found here:  https://bit.ly/3w3vObk

In terms of assessing the work of second level students, World Wise Schools have developed a Self-Assessment Tool.  This tool allows you to track and measure the learning arising from GCDE. It allows you to track the progress teachers and students are making in GCDE.

Self Assessment Tool

– WorldWise Global Schools (worldwiseschools.ie).

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