Climate Assembly 2022

UCC had its first climate assembly in February 2020. Build Back Better was a series of workshops based on the college’s sustainability plan that allowed students and staff to have a role in future policy development.

Build Back Better was inspired by Ireland’s Citizens’ Assembly on Climate Change, which involved bringing together randomly selected individuals to deliberate public policy questions related to climate change. The second assembly followed up on what was achieved at Build Back Better and adopted a World Cafe-style workshop.

Six key themes were covered at the assembly: Climate Action, Commuting, Teaching and Learning & Citizenship, Waste Reduction & Circular Economy, Biodiversity, Green Spaces and Well-being, and Research.

Collaboration: UCC Student’s Union.

Graphic: UCC Climate assembly poster inviting participation on 1st April 2022, and the agenda for the event.


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GCDE theme: Sustainable Development