Praxis Pilot mini Summer School 2022

The first Praxis Summer School took place on 8th to 12th of August 2022.  We were delighted to welcome UCC Staff Anna Santucci, James Bilson, Julie Butters, Kevin Power, Marie Ryan, Kathy Bradley, Ceire Broderick and Chiara Bonfiglioli.  One possibly the hottest week of the year, we met each afternoon to figure out how we might think about Global Citizenship and Development Education in the context of our work at UCC.

Here we are on our final day, with our works of art!  Behind this rather … err… pink … crazy looking m… ash up… there is, believe it or not, a lot of deep thought by a group of people who are deeply committed to thinking about how we ‘do’ GCDE in a higher education institution.

Each from different  corners of UCC, yet all with a desire to figure out how we can create a more just world from our small part in that world.  Case studies from this group of participants will appear on this website once they have had an opportunity to implement their plans.

Participants who complete a case study, are awarded a digital badge in Global Citizenship and Development Education.  You can find out more about this here:

If you are interested in participating, please contact Dr. Gertrude Cotter at