Invitation Praxis Seminar 10th March 2021 – all welcome

The Praxis Project proudly presents

a lunchtime seminar by eminent
scholar in the field of Development Education

Professor Douglas Bourn

A Pedagogy of Hope: the contribution of Development Education and Global Learning

March 10th at 1-2PM



This seminar is convened and chaired by Dr. Gertrude Cotter, Lecturer and Academic Coordinator of the Praxis Project, Centre for Global Development, UCC

Title of Talk 

A Pedagogy of Hope: the contribution of Development Education and Global Learning 

The global pandemic and the continued threat of climate change have posed major challenges for educationalists. There is an ever present need to promote a sense of hope and positive futures and development educationalists have a major role here in empowering learners of all ages to engage in societal change that can secure a more just and sustainable world. The ideas and work of Paulo Freire are suggested here as particularly relevant. Through a review of the debates around hope and futures education, Professor Bourn will summarise recent examples from the UK that have related these themes to posing discussions about the purpose of education.

Professor Douglas Bourn is Professor of Development Education and Director of the Development Education Research Centre at University College London’s Institute of Education. 

He is the author of numerous books including Theory and Practice of Development Education and Understanding Global Skills and edited The Bloomsbury Handbook of Global Education and Learning. His latest book on Education for Social Change will be published later this year. Professor Bourn also edited the International Journal of Development Education and Global Learning from 2006 to 2018 and is currently chair of the Advisory Board for the Academic Network of Global Education Researchers (ANGEL). He has advised UK governments in the past in the areas of development awareness, global citizenship and sustainable development education and is currently a member of the programme Board for the major government funded development education programme in the UK, Connecting Classrooms Through Global Learning.

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