Seminar: Dev. Ed. Policy

On 29th April, 2021, the Praxis Project, in a collaboration with the Centre for Global Education, Belfast, ran a seminar on the theme of The Policy Environment for Development Education.  Below is an excellent report produced by the Cntre for Global Education, Belfast, which we hope gives you a flavour of what was a very interesting seminar.
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Gertrude Cotter

(Lecturer, Centre for Global Development, UCC & Academic Coordinator of Praxis)


Dobrawa Aleksiak, (Doctorate candidate, University of Warsaw, Poland)
Magdalena Kuleta-Hulboj, (Assistant Professor, Faculty of Education, University of Warsaw, Poland)
Mags Liddy, (Nano Nagle Newman Fellowship, University College Dublin)
Susan Gallwey, (Development Education Practitioner)
Liam Wegimont, (Executive Director of GENE – Global Education Network Europe)
About this event
This event has been organised to present and debate the content of Issue 31 of the Centre for Global Education’s bi-annual, open access, peer reviewed journal Policy and Practice: A Development Education Review. The theme of this issue is ‘The Policy Environment for Development Education’ which aimed to take stock of how national and international policies are interacting with the development education (DE) and global learning sector.
Issue 31 included articles on development education in the formal education and adult and community sectors, and the full issue is available here. Three of the articles published in Issue 31 will be presented at this seminar and the aim is to enable authors to debate their articles with readers to facilitate discussion on good practice in development education. The three papers being presented at the seminar are:
  • A Policy at a Standstill: A Critical Analysis of Global Education in the Polish National Curriculum (Dobrawa Aleksiak and Magdalena Kuleta-Hulboj)
  • The Wrong Tool for the Job? The Application of Result-Based Approaches in Development Education Learning (Mags Liddy and Susan Gallwey)
  • The Policy Environment for Global Education, Development Education and Awareness Raising: Reasons to be Cheerful While the Future is Unwritten (Liam Wegimont)

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