Lecturer: Dr Brian Turner
Department: Department of Economics, Cork University Business School.
Module: EC4215 – Business Econometrics I.


Integration of GCDE

The module introduces econometrics to students. Econometrics is essentially a way of mathematically/statistically modelling economic phenomena using data. The plan is to introduce concepts relating to global citizenship using examples of regression analysis, using datasets on relevant indicators and existing research in this area. It will integrate GCDE-related examples rather than more generic economic examples when presenting ideas related to regression analysis. This would be a more subtle exposure of students to GCDE concepts than in a more qualitative module. I would hope that, by using CGDE-related examples in class, this would encourage students to develop an interest in these issues and research these further themselves.



Praxis plan

Turner, Brian_case-study-Praxis-Plan_Draft 1 (PDF opens in a new tab/window)



Dr Brian Turner

Brian Turner is a lecturer in the Department of Economics at UCC. His research interests focus primarily on health economics, in particular the funding of healthcare and health insurance, as well as wider developments in the Irish health system.

Prior to returning to UCC in 2005 to complete his PhD, Brian worked as a property analyst in London and Dublin and then in the regulatory agency for the private health insurance market in Ireland. Brian also holds a Postgraduate Certificate and Postgraduate Diploma in Teaching and Learning in Higher Education from UCC. He also has an interest in global citizenship and the role of business in development issues.


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