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Dr Nita Mishra Department: International Development.

Integration of GCDE

The focus of this work is to introduce adult learners to GCDE methodologies, with a particular on the use of creative arts and anti-racism.

Visual artists Laragh Pittman and Hina Khan were invited by academic researchers Nita Mishra (NM) in collaboration with Gertrude Cotter (GC) to facilitate a session for lecturers and staff at UCC looking at creative ways to apply methodologies in the classroom from an anti-racist perspective and with the promotion of ideas of inclusive global citizenship. The purpose was to introduce creative tools for educators to make classrooms more inclusive for non-white, non-Irish students. To open up discussions around race and migration without making anyone uncomfortable in class. According to the facilitators, the purpose was:

…to get participants thinking about what their assumptions and stereotypes about people are and to be aware of the ‘invisible whiteness’ all around (emails between LP, NM, HK, June 2021).

Below are images from “A Virtual Exhibition for World Refugee Week” Presented at the workshop.

Christ Church Cathedral and Counterpoint Arts Festival June 2020.



Praxis Reflections Nita Mishra   

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Dr Nita Mishra

Dr Nita Mishra is a Researcher on a Coalesce Project on Social Inclusion in the Dept of Food Business and Development. She is also a part time lecturer on Development Studies.

Her research interests are on gender, environment, rights-based approaches, and feminist research methodologies. She has published peer-reviewed papers in journals and as book chapters. Her poetry speaks of lives of migrant women across continents. She is the current Chair of Development Studies Association Ireland.


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